Nice to meet you, I’m Ramona Riley...

I aim to invoke passion and presence in each moment. Some of my favorite indulgences are culinary delights, fine wine, travel, art, music (especially talented vocalists), outdoor adventures, and material arts. I'm a bon vivant, from fine dining, to the joy of creating in my kitchen.

When I’m not out soaking up the vibrant creativity of cities, I often retreat to the quiet serenity of remote places. I cherish cozy moments at home, lost in books, and sipping dry wine or herbal tea. I savor deep, engaging conversations.

I have a voracious appetite for learning. My formal studies have been numerous and varied. I began my undergrad studying classical voice, and ended up graduating with a degree in philosophy and minor in gender and sexuality studies. There was a brief stint in law school, before deciding the lifestyle was not for me. Since, I have studied and am certified in, a number of holistic healing modalities, including professional massage and somatic therapies. 

While my mind stays hungry for a wide array of theory and praxis, my true obsession for the last *almost decade* has been the Sensual Arts! I first dipped my toe into this intoxicating path, when an expert in sacred sexual traditions took me under her wing, and shared with me many beautiful techniques. When I reached a certain level of mastery, I began offering classes to help people increase the vitality of their sex lives. It wasn’t long before I yearned to guide not only with my mind, but also in the flesh. The rest is history… and by that I mean a weaving and winding journey that I’d be happy to share sometime, over pillow talk. 


Embarking on this path has been profound, nourishing, and fruitful. I invite you to awaken the depths of your erotic nature during our shared moments, and delve into whatever it is that calls you to me.